RE: [Evolution] IMAP Trash folder?

On Wed, 2001-10-24 at 02:08, Rich Rudnick wrote:

What metaphor has a piece of paper in two places simultaneously? 

In real life, I take an object from one location (a folder), and place
it in another (a trash basket). It cannot exist in both places at once.

If you "Hide Deleted Messages", it's only in 1 place (ie Trash) :-)

Until I explicitly empty that trash basket I should be able to get that
object back out of the trash.

So long as you don't Expunge (equiv to Netscape's Compact Folders), it
will remain in Trash.

Going back to your original statement, let me now say this:

How do you Compact a Folder if there are no deleted items in it?

You just need to keep your dingus-click-happy mouse finger away from

But for now, I'll adapt to the software (which is not right) and just
wait for a configuration option post 1.0 :) 

Personal preference.


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