RE: [Evolution] IMAP Trash folder?

On Tue, 2001-10-23 at 18:19, Eric Newman wrote:
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I find it really annoying to 
lose my messages permanently when I expunge the source 
mailbox; they should remain in the Trash until I 
expunge/empty that, too.

Why would you ever expunge a source mailbox at all, except to remove all the
deleted messages in it? Are you saying you want to have 2 kinds of deleted
messages? One kind that stays in the folder, and one kind that you dragged
or moved into the Trash folder? Then why even use a trash folder? You might
as well just move / drag them into a regular folder and delete / expunge
them there when you want to _really_ delete them. Seems silly to me.


What metaphor has a piece of paper in two places simultaneously? 

In real life, I take an object from one location (a folder), and place
it in another (a trash basket). It cannot exist in both places at once. 

Until I explicitly empty that trash basket I should be able to get that
object back out of the trash.

But for now, I'll adapt to the software (which is not right) and just
wait for a configuration option post 1.0 :) 

first impressions are bunk (unknown)

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