[Evolution] Per-folder feature idea (that would just happen to fit me perfectly :-)

Hi all,

The need is easy to explain: My mailing lists email address is different
from my personal email address. Whenever I am posting/replying to a
mailing list I have to remember to select the right "From" address. If I
forget the mail can bounce (or I've just increased the spam that goes to
my personal email address).

The solution is elegant: PER-FOLDER DEFAULT EMAIL ADDRESSES. For example
if I am in the folder "evolution" and either post or reply to a new
message my lists consulting net nz email address could be set as the
default. A good place for the selection item could be a right mouse
click on a particular folder called "Default Account..."

For those of us that sort their mail using folders and use more than one
email address I think this could be a killer feature. What do you all


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