Re: [Evolution] IMAP: last message to arrive in a folder is not shown completely characterises
the problem.  8924 is marked as being a duplicate of 5348.

So, if I understand the situation correctly:

        * exchange doesn't inform you of new messages when they arrive

No. It *does* tell evolution (and your various biff-type programs) about
the new message. It's just that when Evolution asks for the headers so
it can add the message to the summary, Exchange then claims that the
message doesn't exist.

As for why other IMAP clients don't have this problem: there are 10 ways
to do *anything* in IMAP. If you implement everything the really basic,
obvious ways, you'll never hit any server bugs, because the servers will
have been tested against simple clients. But if you use the more
powerful/obscure IMAP features like Evolution does (to better support
searching, disconnected mode, etc), then you tend to hit weird bugs on
some less-well-tested servers. (And Evo is younger than
Netscape/Mozilla, so we haven't had as much time to work around these

Can anyone confirm/deny that this problem only happens with Exchange
5.5, not Exchange 2000?

-- Dan

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