Re: [Evolution] IMAP: last message to arrive in a folder is not shown

On Tue, 2001-10-16 at 19:10, Jeffrey Stedfast wrote:
IMAP doesn't send us notices that new mail has arrived until we actually
try to do something with the folder that new mail arrived in, thus you
aren't going to ever see mail just pop into your IMAP folder the instant
it arrives.

That's fine by me.

 We have a timeout that "pings" the folder every 10 minutes
or so to both keep the connection alive and to check for new mail - so
just hold your horses and wait a few minutes.

is this a separate timeout to the "automatically check for new mail
every xx minute(s)" option that you can set in receiving options?

If so, could you include whatever it does in the automatic check for new

 or set auto-check mail to
check your mail every second if that's what you want.

The mail setting dialog only lets you choose an integral number of
minutes between checks.  I have mine set to check every minute, but it
still fails to pick up the most recent arrival.  

I think the bug below completely characterises the problem.

Seems to me we need the "automatic check for mail" to do a bit more
probing of the IMAP folders than it currently does.


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