[Evolution] Palm Sync

I still am unable to view any data that was transferred from my Visor,
other than the addressbook.  The sync seems to go fine, but there is no
data showing up in the calendar or task list.  I have all the Econduits
set to synchronize, gpilotd is running and works when I press the
hotsync button.  After the sync, files are created in
evolution/local/Calendar/ and evolution/local/Tasks.  I see no other
configuration options to tweak and no visible errors are occurring.  I
wish I understood the process under which Evo gets the data from the
palm, so that I might troubleshoot the process.  This is a Handspring
Visor USB that has been working fine with jpilot.

I am running the Evolution 0.15 release from ximian.  I was using
nightly builds, but the last one available was crashing, so I had to
back down to an earlier build.    

Any ideas on what could be happening?

Thanks for all answers.

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