Re: [Evolution] IMAP: last message to arrive in a folder is not shown

On Wed, 2001-10-17 at 18:51, Jeffrey Stedfast wrote:
The mail setting dialog only lets you choose an integral number of
minutes between checks.  I have mine set to check every minute, but it
still fails to pick up the most recent arrival. 

My bad, you're can't set it to check every second...but once
a minute should be frequent enough, right??

I'm sure once a minute is fine for everyone.

I think the bug below completely characterises the problem.

Seems to me we need the "automatic check for mail" to do a bit more
probing of the IMAP folders than it currently does.

No, the problem explained in *that* bug report points to the fact that
Exchange is broken and not sending us correct information.

I'm sorry.. I should have said: completely characterises
the problem.  8924 is marked as being a duplicate of 5348.

So, if I understand the situation correctly:

        * exchange doesn't inform you of new messages when they arrive
        * even if you actively ask exchange for any new messages it
          fails to tell you about the most recent arrival
        * if you delete a message from the IMAP folder, exchange then
          decides to tell you about all messages, including the most
          recent arrival.

One other puzzle.  The gnome Mailcheck applet is able to detect the
presence of new mail on the exchange server (that is how I know this bug
exists).  So what is the gnome Mailcheck applet doing that evolution is


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