RE: [Evolution] is this possible???

Hey Jamie,

to quote a message that NotZed wrote earlier today, this may solve your

    Ok, apparently this is a missing directory ~/evolution/config that
    isn't created automatically (it used to be created indirectly).

    If you just do

    mkdir ~/evolution/config

    And then re-run evolution and get-mail, the next get-mail should

    The fact the directory isn't created automatically is a small bug
    we should have fixed soon.

So try making the config directory; hope it helps!

Good luck!

On Tue, 2001-10-16 at 14:01, shadoi wrote:
This happens to me nearly everytime I install evolution from scratch.  I
believe that it is failing when it attempts to download LARGE emails.  I
had to manually delete a certain message which was 80MB, otherwise, it
never realized which messages it had downloaded.

* Blake

On Tue, 2001-10-16 at 12:56, Jamie Rubinstein wrote:
I have selected 'leave messages on server', but it still downloads
previously downloaded messages, resulting in many many duplicates of
messages.  For instance, say, I have 300 messages in
/var/spool/mail/username, and I download them to Evolution.  If I tell
Evolution to download mail, say, half an hour later, it downloads all the
messages again, resulting in 600 messages, everything duplicated in the
inbox.  If I click on send/receive again, I now have 900 messages, etc, etc.
How can I tell Evolution to only download new mail???
Evolution works great, and never crashes.  But, it makes it hard to keep
track of email when I keep getting the same old mail added to the inbox
every time it downloads mail.
Any help is greatly appreciated!!

Jamie Rubinstein
Systems Engineer
Apropos Retail Management Systems, Inc.
jamier aproposretail com
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If you select leave messages on server it should only be downloading
the messages that it hasn't downloaded before.

Infact it was recently implemented for poor POP servers that don't support
UID's, so it should just work.  Is evolution crashing or something?

Another option you may consider is IMAP.

Hi Everybody!

I decided to finally start using Evo for my personal email, but have run
into a major stumbling block which will prevent me from using it. :(
Unless, someone out there knows a solution to my dilemma.
I like to keep my email messages on the pop server, so I can telnet into
it, and use Pine when I am accessing my email remotely.  So, I have the
checkbox in Evo checked next to the option "Leave Messages on Server" .
My problem is, I don't see where to tell Evo to only download previously
not-downloaded email.  Other email clients I have used for years have
this feature, to only download unread email.  Is it possible in Evo???
Right now, as it is, it re-downloads the save messages every time I
check email, since I want the originals left on the server, resulting in
tons of duplicate messages.  Please let me know if there is a way to set
Evo to only download unread or previously not-downloaded messages.

Thanks in advance,
Jamie Rubinstein
Systems Engineer, Apropos Inc.
jamier aproposretail com

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