Re: [Evolution] Whensitcoming?

I can totally relate.  I was also only waiting for decent mail software
before switching from MS to Linux; but my Windows crashed one last time
and I ended up switching anyway before I even heard of Evolution.  I was
stuck with Mozilla (ugh) as a mailer for a while, but then found Evo and
have been pretty happy since.

Anyway, try uninstalling the latest broken snap you have and download
Beta 5 from the Ximian channel; it works and is quite stable.  I'm sure
they'll have these crasher bugs fixed soon, but I'm sure they're working
as hard as they can so try to be patient =)  

Snapshots will be working again soon but I'm sure no one can say exactly


On Tue, 2001-10-16 at 17:14, Patrick Nelson wrote:
OK, maybe I shouldn't have but when evo started getting solid and it shifted
to beta builds, I dropped MS and went full time Linux and ultimately evo.
Having the latest build freezing when access pop accounts has effectively
took me down for the last 2 days.  Ya ya ya I read the beta agreement and
understand it.  What I'm saying here is...  Please hurry!  Some of us can't
imagine a life without evo!  

Any tentative timeline for the next snap?

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