Re: [Evolution] GPG message display

On Fri, 2001-10-12 at 09:16, Mike Leone wrote:

The people you're sending to are incapable of opening an attachment? And
therefore that means you have to give up potential email security?
(I agree, it's a pain - when I read this mail from Outlook Express, I have
to open attachment #1 for all signed emails. Me, I put up with it)

I'd put up with it too, but I'm actually thinking off the 50 or so
people who will, every time I send them an email, call me and say, "I
can't read your email".

Or, in my case, the even worse result. I send an email to an potential
employer, forget to turn off GPG signing, and get my email deleted
because they can't read it.

Most people would rather complain than figure out how to open the

Kris Newman
mailto:krisnewman khaosx com

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