Re: [Evolution] GPG message display

I'm just now starting to play with GPG. When I sign a message, the
recipient gets the email, with two attachments. Attachment one is the
actual message. Attachment two is, I suspect, the signature.


I think there was a thread about this at the end of September, but since
I wasn't using GPG, I didn't pay attention to it. Is this normal

For Outlook Express (at least), which doesn't display attached signatures in
the correct way ... yes, this is normal behavior.

Is there any way that my message can be displayed by people
not using Evolution/Linux/GPG (Which is to say 99% of my contact list,
and most of the world)?

Yep; if they don't see the message as a message, and instead see it as an
attachment ... tell them to open attachment #1. It's their mail client that
is not showing the message in the way they should.

If there isn't, I guess I'll have to stop using GPG. Drat it!

The people you're sending to are incapable of opening an attachment? And
therefore that means you have to give up potential email security?
(I agree, it's a pain - when I read this mail from Outlook Express, I have
to open attachment #1 for all signed emails. Me, I put up with it)

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