Re: [Evolution] problems with snapshot

On Fri, 2001-10-12 at 14:08, Joe Barnett wrote:
On Fri, 2001-10-12 at 11:30, Scott Dixon wrote:
4)  <SNIP>
5) If I reply to someone who has sent me a message with an attachment,
the attachment is automatically attached to my reply.  This is new
behavior which I haven't seen with other email clients.  It doesn't
really seem sensible to me since, for example, it means that I
automatically send back the Vcard attachment to anyone who uses them.  I
suspect they already know their Vcard details ;-}, so I don't think I
really need to automatically send their own Vcard back to them.  And in
general, I don't think that people want to get back the attachments they
send me.

I'm seeing this as well.  Scott seems to be correct in that it doesn't
make sense to do this for replies.  HOWEVER, I believe it does make
sense to include attachments when FORWARDING a message inline or quoted,
which is not currently being done.  I assume attachments are included
for mails forwarded "properly" (as attachments) but there is no way to
be sure of this in the message view (can't open up and view the
attachment that I am sending).  It seems a couple of issues may need to
be dealt with here, for each type of forwarding.

I made this change so that inline images work in replies, it needs to be
smarter about which parts it copies (for instance the signature on this
message).  I went ahead and did it anyway since we really need people
testing the image parts, and restricting which attachments to add is
less likely to cause problems.  Hopefully one of us can make it work
properly soon. 


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