Re: [Evolution] GPG message display

I'm just now starting to play with GPG. When I sign a message, the
recipient gets the email, with two attachments.

This is a bug in Outlook Express (or whatever other mailer the recipient
is using): it's not really two attachments, it's a body and one

There's a bug in bugzilla that we ought to be putting names on the
attachments so OE will display those instead of calling them
"ATT001.DAT" or whatever. That should probably be bumped up in

Is there any way that my message can be displayed by people
not using Evolution/Linux/GPG (Which is to say 99% of my contact list,
and most of the world)?

Short answer: not for 1.0.

Long answer: currently the message looks like:

    text/plain (or whatever, the body)

We could potentially instead do:

    text/plain (or whatever, the body)
      text/plain (or whatever, the body *again*)

That is, put two copies of the body, and use a multipart/alternative so
that implementations that can't deal with multipart/signed can still
display just the plain text. (We could potentially even sign the first
part as inline pgp.)

There are two problems with this approach: first, obviously, it makes
the message twice as large as it needs to be. Second, it's possible
there are mailers that can deal with multipart/signed, but that *won't*
deal with it correctly inside a multipart/alternative. So this would
require testing.

-- Dan

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