Re: [Evolution] more concerns about evo doing the nasty on otherprocesses

Dan Winship wrote:

Is evolution doing something weird to the X server when it dies or is
under a big load?

Seems possible. Other people have noticed that Evolution and Nautilus
seem to make the X server grow improbably large.

X11R5 shipped with a tool whose name I forget that let you sniff an X
connection and see all the commands and events going back and forth.
Does anyone know of anything that would let us do that with a modern X

I've used xmon occasionally to do that. Here's my notes:

  Running xmon to view X calls and events:

  Run "xmonui | xmond" in one xterm
  In another xterm do "xhost +", "export DISPLAY=localhost:1", then run app.

Though I don't think it ever helped me very much.


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