[Evolution] Evolution is pretty awesome, but I thought I should share this

Greetings fellow Evolution users!

I must say, Evolution looks incredible in the lastest snapshot.  The
contacts are back, the grey and white offsetting one another are really
attractive, and ssl begins to make its appearance.
To those of you that work day in and day out making evolution better, I
salute you.  I only hope there is some way to pay you folks back for the
incredible product that we are given the opportunity to use.
As a regular user, I thought I should bring to light something that
maybe I missed on the mailing list: When I open a composer window, I
find that the widget that displays the addresses in the address book
fails when I click the "To:" button.  Could this be due to the fact that
I used an old addressbook.db?  Or is this a bug in the new snapshot?  Or
did I just jack it up?
I run Red Hat Linux 7.1, kernel 2.4.2, on a Intel Celeron 366, 96 MB of

Christopher Holly
anthrem yahoo com

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