[Evolution] Evo Unresponsive and Taskbar flicker During IMAP mail check

I noticed the Evolution segment of the taskbar flickering madly whenever Evo would check my IMAP folders for new mail.  Launching Evo from a console I see the following message repeated several hundred times:

utf8_to_gtk: Evolution => Evolution

Where "Evolution" is the folder currently selected.

Interspersed in these messages is the message:
Saving shortcuts -- /home/zieglerr/evolution/shortcuts.xml
about nine times...  Which doesn't correspond to any special number afaict.

More importantly, Evo and any compose windows do not repaint or accept input while this is happening.  Even the "Send and Receive mail" status dialog is affected:  try to shade it, or drag it around while Evo is checking your IMAP folders to see what I mean.

Another oddity: As I write this I notice the the composer window is raised and gets focus when the mail check is done.  (I'm using sawfish, sloppy focus)

RH 6.2, Ximian Gnome 1.4, Evo Snap 0529, Crux GTK theme (other themes don't show the flicker as easily, although it was still perceptable with the Default theme)

PIII 500 384M


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