[Evolution] Evolution mail editor crashes

With the latest gtkhtml packages from the evolution snapshot channel the
editor (and the Evlution mail component) crashes whenever I press
<Enter> in the editor.

With gtkhtml-0.9.3-100_helix_2001042608.i386.rpm the editor works (and I
have had to "downgraded" to that version in order to write this mail),
but when using gtkhtml-0.9.3-snap.ximian.200105220800.i386.rpm or
gtkhtml-0.9.3-snap.ximian.200105291526.i386.rpm the error occours every
time I try to compose a new mail.

Have anyone else had similar expiriences ?

Btw. I'm using evolution-0.10-ximian.2 from the ximian preview channel
and my system is RedHad 6.2 with kernel 2.4.3 and ximian Gnome 1.4.

Best regards
Claus Nielsen

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