Re: [Evolution] Calendar and Contact problems

On 21 May 2001 07:57:37 -0400, Fernando Pereira wrote:
I believe that this method is intended to move an address book from db
version 1 to the current version (version 3). But the problem with the
Evo 0.10 Red Hat 6.2 RPM seems to be that it was linked with version 1,
not version 3, whereas some earlier snapshots were linked with version
3, and our contacts are now in that format. So, what we need is an Evo
RPM linked with db version 3.

I don't know if I've previously responded to this but the latest evo
0.10 rpms for Red Hat 6.2 are linked to db version 2 as they should be.
(They were only ever linked to db version 3 on RH 7.)

The snapshots are probably not linking to the latest db on RH, but this
should be fixed as soon as I can make db3 packages for the snapshot


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