Re: [Evolution] Calendar and Contact problems

On 19 May 2001 08:40:34 -0400, Christopher James Lahey wrote:

 This depends on your OS and version.  If you have
 evolution-0.10-ximian.1 on Red Hat 6 or 7, you should upgrade to
 0.10-ximian.2 if it's available.  (I've made packages, but I'm not sure
 if they're available yet.  (I'm not using RH.))

It's not, yet. Nor are new snapshots available, yet.

 Other than this, you should be fine to upgrade.  I in fact discovered a
 simpler way than has been described before.  Try this:

 cd ~/evolution/local/Contacts/
 cp addressbook.db addressbook.db.backup
 db_upgrade addressbook.db

db_upgrade is provided (according to by the db3-utils
package. When I try to install that package, it tells me that it
conflicts with files from glibc (I have glibc 2.1.3-16. the default that
comes with Mandrake 7.2). I haven't upgraded glibc, because I'm leery of
touching anything so immensely vital to ... well, everything  :-).

Do I really need to upgrade glibc, which every program needs, in order
to see my contacts?

How about downloading and compiling the source for db3-utils? I have found that in many cases, some newer RPM packages demand glibc2.2, but the source compiles against glibc2.1 just fine. Of course, your rpm database gets out of whack then.


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