Re: [Evolution] feature request: reply message

Actually, for us who live in non english speaking part of the world, and
run with locale set to something other than english, the "On DATE, NAME
wrote:" header is set to local language (see below), which is pretty
cool, but I need the ability to set the "language" of the e-mail, since
we regulrarly send e-mails in various languages.

Since most mails have the charset  field set, in "reply to" it's then
natural to keep that as the language of the replied mail.

This'll be a a bonus later when spell checking is added to teh composer.

as a side note, since you already has the ability to define different id
and then have different sigs, should then be easy to add a
language/locale field here, and thus set the locale of a mail as you
select sender id.


Den 17 May 2001 23:23:06 -0700, skrev David Hoover:
This one's certainly not important, but the thought crossed my mind;
it's be neat to be able to customize the header that gets tacked on when
you reply to someone ("On DATE, NAME wrote:")

I was staring at the future requests thread w/ the stack of those, and I
suddenly remembered years ago when I vi'ed my netscape binary and
changed it to "Quoth %s:", and how much attention it got.

Being able to set that someplace would be neat.

As I said, it's not important, but it'd be a cute feature.

David Hoover


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