Re: [Evolution] feature request: reply message

Terje Eggestad wrote:

Actually, for us who live in non english speaking part of the world, and
run with locale set to something other than english, the "On DATE, NAME
wrote:" header is set to local language (see below), which is pretty
cool, but I need the ability to set the "language" of the e-mail, since
we regulrarly send e-mails in various languages.

Actually that was the first think I asked for after installing the evolution :-). I said: using UTF-8 as the base mail encoding is cool but in fact most of my mails come in w/ KOI8-R (Cyrillic, the first de-facto standard for the Net in the ex-USSR) encoding, some - w/ MICROSOFT-CP1251 (another Cyrillic, MS invention :-)) and few broken have ISO8859-1 (in fact most of them are CP1251 :-)). I asked about ability to change/set character set of the message but got an answer: we're planning that feature in future releases.

That's why I wrote this mail from within Mozilla Mail (that in fact seems to be the best X Window mail agent when we talk about locale support).

Since most mails have the charset  field set, in "reply to" it's then
natural to keep that as the language of the replied mail.

Probably the most proper way is to use some autoguessing (based on several things like message specified charset, default charset for the mailbox, frequency analysis etc) plus ability to change things manually.

This'll be a a bonus later when spell checking is added to teh composer.


as a side note, since you already has the ability to define different id
and then have different sigs, should then be easy to add a
language/locale field here, and thus set the locale of a mail as you
select sender id.

This would be fine but I'd consider this as 'not-a-must' feature...

Alexey Morozov

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