Re: [Evolution] minor bugs / feature requests

On 04 May 2001 21:48:35 -0400, Christopher James Lahey wrote:
On 04 May 2001 11:56:20 -0700, Eric Newman wrote:
1. when you delete the last message in a folder, it remains highlighted
and displayed. this is not so cool when you have "hide deleted messages"

What do you mean it remains highlighted.  I don't understand how it
could be highlighted if it's not visible.

I meant it remains highlighted when not in hide deleted messages mode.
and it remains displayed when in hide deleted messages mode.

3. printing contacts in any view other than "Address Cards" does not
work. the column widths all get hosed, and columns print on top of each

Is this in the print preview or in the actual printed output?  If the
first, this is a bug in print preview.  It doesn't handle clipping
regions properly.

well, the print preview has text all on top of other text (which is the
problem with clipping regions you mentioned). the printout has too much
clipped off, IMO. is it using the gtkhtml font for printing, or what? if
i could choose a smaller font, it might all fit...

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