[Evolution] minor bugs / feature requests

1. when you delete the last message in a folder, it remains highlighted
and displayed. this is not so cool when you have "hide deleted messages"
checked. the message disappears and nothing is highlighted, although the
old message is still displayed. I think it should highlight / display
the previous message in this case. A hidden message should never be able
to be highlighted. 

2. when i reply to a message and try to put comments inline with the
original text, it highlights my comments like the text, even if i put in
newlines, and the mode is "Normal."

3. printing contacts in any view other than "Address Cards" does not
work. the column widths all get hosed, and columns print on top of each

4. if i have a filter set up to MOVE a message to a certain folder, i
would assume that it would not be processed by subsequent filters,
because it would no longer be in the inbox. instead, if i have a mailing
list move filter, and a person move filter, and that person sends mail
to that mailing list, it ends up in both folders. this seems more like
copy than move to me, and is not intuitive. i know i can add "Stop
Processing" to the filter, but i basically have to do that for every
single group filter i have.

5. i want filters to be able to have target directories. then i can have
a "delete older than a week old and not important" filter for a certain
mailing list.

6. i want right click on a folder to give me actions to be performed on
all messages in that folder, like "delete all messages" and "Apply
filters to all messages," for example.

it's great to see evolution get better and better as time goes on. great
work, you crazy monkeys!


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