Re: [Evolution] There is absolutely a bug with the delete key

On 07 May 2001 13:25:24 +0000, dan hensley att net wrote:
It happened to me again.  No, it's NOT my keyboard.  I'm
not sure how to repeat it exactly, but I think it should
be fairly easy to do (especially since it's happened to
me twice in the past day).  I'm using sawfish and gtk+
and bonobo from cvs from this weekend (to fix the focus
bug with address fields), and since then, when I first
launch Evolution the Delete key works to delete e-mail,
but after a while it no longer works.  If I can figure
out the exact steps I'll post a bug report.  So please
Ximian folks, this time don't be so quick to dismiss this

Well, try this.  Click on the message body in your main
program window.  Now hit DEL.  You'll notice it won't work.
If you now click on the message list, DEL will work.
It's a program focus thing that I reported last night.
Could this be what you've noticed?


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