Re: [Evolution] Weather in "My Evolution"

It appears that Evolution has the weather locations hard-coded for the

... so the answer is, look up your friendly local NOAA location code,
and pass it in. e_summary_weather_init_locations (void) also seems to
want to do something interesting, but apparently does not at the moment.

e_summary_weather_init (ESummary *summary)
ESummaryWeather *weather;

g_return_if_fail (summary != NULL);
g_return_if_fail (IS_E_SUMMARY (summary));

if (e_summary_weather_init_locations () == FALSE) {

weather = g_new0 (ESummaryWeather, 1);
summary->weather = weather;

e_summary_add_protocol_listener (summary, "weather",
e_summary_weather_protocol, weather);

e_summary_weather_add_location (summary, "ENBR");
e_summary_weather_add_location (summary, "EGAC");
e_summary_weather_add_location (summary, "EGAA");

Michael Rothwell
rothwell holly-springs nc us

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