Re: [Evolution] Q: Adding to contacts from message

On 05 Jun 2001 14:55:47 -0500, John McClenning wrote:
On 05 Jun 2001 09:02:07 -0400, Michael Leone wrote:


Right-click on their name in the headers.  Their details will pop-up,
with "add to contacts" underneath.

That's not automatic; that's manually adding. He wants all addresses he
sends to/replies to added to the address book, with no user intervention.
That's what Outlook Express does.

Considering the following message I just received on the bugtraq mailing
list, it might not be a good idea to automaticly add contacts. That is,
unless we can prevent this sort of exploit.
The way to avoid this seems trivial.  Simply disallow using e-mail
addresses in the Name field.  So, any names in that match the form
[a-z,A-Z]* [a-z,A-Z]*.[a-z,A-Z]* would be ignored during address
harvesting (I know I probably am not describing the filter correctly,
but you get the idea).

IIRC, one of the problems with Outlook is that it only shows the NAME
value when it recognizes an entry from its addressbook.  This means that
the e-mail address isn't shown and this sort of bogus entry that is
harvested from incoming e-mail automatically is undetectable, unless the
user edits the NAME by right-clicking on it in the compose window.  I
don't think Evolution does this currently.  It might be desirable to
have this as an option on Evolution, though, since it makes the e-mail
client seem friendlier to naive users.
I agree with others sentiment that the harvesting feature should be
disabled by default.


It's possible for remote user to cause messages written for one e-mail
address to be delivered to another e-mail address.


Outlook  Express has option "Automatically put people I reply to in my
address  book".  Then  enabled,  this  option  causes  Outlook to make
automatically  new  address  book  entries  mapping  NAME  of received
message  to  e-mail  ADDRESS. Then message is composed Outlook Express
checks address book for NAME and sets complete e-mail ADDRESS instead.


Situation:  2  good  users  G1  and  G2 with addresses g1 mail com and
g2 mail com  and  one  bad  user B, b mail com  Imagine B wants to get
messages G1 sends to G2. Scenario:

1. B composes message with headers:

From: "g2 mail com" <b mail com>
Reply-To: "g2 mail com" <b mail com>
To: G1 <g1 mail com>
Subject: how to catch you on Friday?

and sends it to g1 mail com

2.  G1  receives  mail, which looks absolutely like mail received from
g2 mail com  and replies it. Reply will be received by B. In this case
new  entry  is  created in address book pointing NAME "g2 mail com" to
ADDRESS b mail com 

3.  Now,  if  while  composing  new  message  G1 directly types e-mail
address  g2 mail com  instead  of  G2, Outlook will compose address as
"g2 mail com" <b mail com> and message will be received by B.


Disable  "Automatically  put  people  I  reply to in my address  book"

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