RE: [Evolution] Advice

On 19 Jan 2001 15:16:15 -0500, Dan  B. Mann wrote:
  I'd like to give some advice:  where I work, everyone uses Outlook.  One
of the biggest complaints is that outlook is "not responding" or "really
slow".  You don't know what pissed is until you have someone call you
because they need to find the email they spent 20 minutes typing that got
lost and you have to tell them "It's gone.".  Another HUGE thing, and
everyone here is gonna want to nail me to a cross because of it, is that
almost all of my users want to user WORD as their email editor.  I know,
it's funny to have outlook use 13MB of ram and then have WORD use 8MB just
to type a short message, but that's how they want it and they have a fit if
we change it (even though there is a relationship between crashes and using
them both at the same time.).  You see, even though the native email editor
in outlook has a spell check function, it doens't "Catch the errors while
you type."  Most of my users want to see the red and green sqiggley lines as
soon as they make a mistake.  Then we could get into the problems
that users have ("Everything is in a small font, and when I change it and
reopen outlook it is small again." or "My outlook printer settings are not
right.")  And how about 2 of our users that have outlook.ost files that are
well OVER 600MB? That doesn't include their local archive.pst, which is at
least as big (some of my users have never deleted an email, and in my
organization, it's not our policy to tell them too.).  I heard a bit about
Outlook 10, and I think it will work better than 97 and 2000, but I don't
know if it'll stop this phone call induced headache I have.

So, here it is:

No matter what happens to the network connection between client and server,
DO NOT Let EVO HANG FOR anything(this give people a chance to save their
work, even if they end up having to restart EVO)

working on this now... we have a stop button if people are impatient.

Figure out how to implement an advanced editor that administrative &
administrative support people will like (yes, with squiggley lines and perty
letterhead.  Remeber Fellas: what is the ratio of men to women who use email
at work?)

Out default editor already does the squiggly line thing.

It's gotta have some really cool features for mobile computing devices to
make the IT manager happy

dan is working on disconnected IMAP.

It's gotta work 100% all of the time to make the tech support people happy
(or at least more than outlook :-)

Make the rules/filters import/exportable for those of us who have to support
large rollouts

Filter rules are saved in a filters.xml file, as ar vfolder rules. You
can copy them anywhere.

Don't allow any nasty VB code to kill our data (seriously, think security)

we don't allow this, was a pretty easy task actuall :-)

Consider things like global address books, even though they are server
based.  Large organizations will need them.

been there, done that. it's all about the LDAB baby.

Oh yeah, you better be able to type in a partial name in the to: and cc:
fields and have EVO pop up the name for the users (you can't imagine how
many calls I get from people offsite that are using web access, and can't
figure out why the email address isn't automagically getting filled out for

Yeah, this is in our bug database...we will get to this.


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