Re: [Evolution] Advice

5. Client & server-side rules are BIG! This should be really easy
configure and if they can work on the server (e.g., edit Procmail
from the client), even better.

What do you mean by this? I.e., what's a client-side rule vs. a
server side

client-side rules run after a message is sent/received by the client
-- the client does the work. so you can do things like pop up a dialog
box telling you something, or whatever. server-side rules are meant
mostly just to sort your mail between folders or send auto-replies.
each type is useful in different contexts, but in my opinion,
server-side are better.

Are procmail rules and evolution rules similar in capability?  I guess
that procmail rules are more powerfull, but would it be possible to
write a converter from Evolution rules to a .procmailrc file, which
could be dumped on a server.  Here our home drives are mounted over NFS,
so if I edit my "local" .procmailrc file the server runs it.  Because of
this Evolution could easily edit server-side rules (which I feel are
better as then any mail client can be used).

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