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troy hakala wrote:

One pretty brilliant thing that Outlook does that I haven't seen any
other product do has to do with HTML vs plain text mail. Mozilla, for
example, asks me every time i send if i wanna send HTML or plain text.
Outlook has simple but smart logic: if the message I'm replying to came
in as HTML, my reply is HTML. That works very well. 

Hmmm... personally, I find that feature a pain in the ass!  :o)  I don't
want to send HTML emails to anybody whether they can read them or not,
so every time I receive one and want to reply to it, I have to go to
Format>Plain Text, be asked if I'm really quite sure, and then sort out
by hand the ensuing mess that Outlook(98) makes of reformatting it....

2. Outlook Bar is good for novice users, 

I'm not sure I'd agree with that, either-- I remember only too well when
the company I worked for at the time first switched to Outlook from MS
Mail, and nobody could find their Inbox for days!  That Outlook bar
thing has to be one of the dumbest controls ever invented, from a
usability point of view.


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