Re: [Evolution] Calandar Bugs

sirkus wrote:

Greetings fellow evo enthusiasts,
    Using the 0.8 release from a helix-update (ie. not CVS) here are
couple major bugs that I've hit that are somewhat primary to the
calandar's function.   These may have been entered into Bugzilla, but I
haven't found them or heard much of them in awhlie.

1- Hidden/Shifty calendar entries:  I've been trying to create a one
hour calendar entry and it invariably is hidden from me in most views.
I've attempted to make it into a 2 hour event, and for example, I wanted
it to start at 5:30pm.  No matter how I enter it, it ends up at 6:30pm,
and appears as one hour. If I physically drag the event to 5:30pm it
dissapears, and then I have to go find it in another view.

Is someone taking care of this bug? Federico?

We've known about it since just before the last release. I'm fairly sure
its a bug in the latest libical (which is a library Evolution uses).

2- Time Format: 12hr/24hr support.  Although I can change this option to
12 hour (am/pm) format in the options, this doesn't seem to be supported
in the "new appointment" entry dialog.  The drop down time dialog box
still contains the 24hr format, and if I type times in manually in the
12hr am/pm format, it doesn't seem to be recognized.  And again, in my
example above, if I entered a 2 hour appointment for 17:30 (5:30pm) it
still shows up in the daily calendar as though it was entered for 6:30pm
and is one hour long.  I'm not sure whether this is because it doesn't
understand how to translate my entered time, or whether this is just
part of bug #1 above.

Changing the format is trivial. I'll sort that out.

The other thing is because of the first bug.


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