Re: [Evolution] Ctrl-ADX

Well, to be honest I did all this in one session: I never restarted Evo.
Perhaps I should have ?


Le 2001.02.23 14:49:33 +0100, Not Zed a écrit :

Well the weird thing with this is that the mh folder code should re-scan
the directory on startup, and add any messages it doesn't know about,
but i guess this could explain how the messages reappeared (they did

This may happen because you're using threaded view and have some of
messages hidden.  In this case, it won't delete those messages.  This
needs to be improved and is in the queue as one of the things to work

No, because when I'm in threaded view and Evo doen't delete all,
after the delete the previously hidden mails are then shown. But in my
case, they weren't in the view, only on the disk. And the numbering was
quite weird too: if Evo restarted at 1, I guess its because it thought
erased all mails. But maybe I'm wrong, who knows ?


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