Re: [Evolution] Ctrl-ADX


You might want to try using the maildir mailbox format.  It puts each
email in it's own file, resulting in message deletion being a lot faster
since the folder doesn't need to be compressed.

I find that it is very fast to now expunge emails that I've deleted.
Much better than anything using
an mbox format.  Kmail would frequently crash trying to compress my work
email folder. :)

Of course, then you can't read your email as easily using other readers.
Anyone know of a console version of a maildir mail reader? :)

Jason Pollock

On 20 Feb 2001 17:15:45 +0100, Xavier Bestel wrote:

Yes, sorry ...
say, 1000 emails in an mbox folder (from pop account) on my local disk.
I don't know exactely how long it is, because I usually let Evo work alone
and do other things. But around 10mn, on a pII 300 (laptop, armada 1700)

I'll try again when I have 1000 mails

Jason Pollock jason pollock eservglobal com, jason pollock ca
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