Re: [Evolution] New mail in sub folders

We have something similar to this for the message list view itself.

Does that work the way you would like (i can't remember if that feature
made the stable branch, it is currently in head though).


On 19 Feb 2001 17:37:28 -0800, Mark Dailey wrote:
I have a question which may turn into a feature request.

Given the existence of a deeply nested hierarchical mail tree and
extensive filters on the incomming mail to sort it into this tree, how
can I determine where my new mail went?  The only way I have discovered
so far is to open up the entire mail tree looking for it.  Is there (or
can there be) a better way?

As a programmer, I am loath to suggest such a thing, but really nice
visualization would be to bold the mail tree from the root node (local)
down to the node containing the mail (e.g.
local/maillists/gnome/evolution).  I can only guess at how difficult
that might be.  But  you can't really blame a guy for trying :-)

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