Re: [Evolution] New mail in sub folders

I'm not sure how the feature you allude to works. I may not have it as I am using snapshot +cvs.2001., and am having difficulty upgrading to anything later. The helix code updater tells me it is "Unable to download a list of updates" when I select Evolution Snapshots.

I'll get back to you when I get a more current snapshot, and thanks for the speedy reply!
On 20 Feb 2001 13:43:33 +1030, Not Zed wrote:
> We have something similar to this for the message list view itself.
> Does that work the way you would like (i can't remember if that feature
> made the stable branch, it is currently in head though).
> !Z
> On 19 Feb 2001 17:37:28 -0800, Mark Dailey wrote:
> > I have a question which may turn into a feature request.
> >
> > Given the existence of a deeply nested hierarchical mail tree and
> > extensive filters on the incomming mail to sort it into this tree, how
> > can I determine where my new mail went? The only way I have discovered
> > so far is to open up the entire mail tree looking for it. Is there (or
> > can there be) a better way?
> >
> > As a programmer, I am loath to suggest such a thing, but really nice
> > visualization would be to bold the mail tree from the root node (local)
> > down to the node containing the mail (e.g.
> > local/maillists/gnome/evolution). I can only guess at how difficult
> > that might be. But you can't really blame a guy for trying :-)
> >

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