Re: [Evolution] New mail in sub folders

On 19 Feb 2001 17:37:28 -0800, Mark Dailey wrote:
As a programmer, I am loath to suggest such a thing, but really nice
visualization would be to bold the mail tree from the root node (local)
down to the node containing the mail (e.g.
local/maillists/gnome/evolution).  I can only guess at how difficult
that might be.  But  you can't really blame a guy for trying :-)

I second this request.  Another option might be to expand the trees
containing new messages?  I hate playing "hunt the email". :)  Perhaps
only the "+" should change colour, and not the whole name?  That way you
can differentiate between messages in subtrees vs messages in the
containing folder.


Jason Pollock jason pollock eservglobal com, jason pollock ca
eServ Global NZ phone: +64 4 939 3377 fax: +64 4 939 3390

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