Re: [Evolution] Can't compose messages

"jp" == JP Rosevear <jpr ximian com> writes:

hje> I am using the latest snapshot of evolution (fresh protection 0.9,
hje> +cvs.2001.  When I click on the "compose" button in the
hje> mailer, I get a new dialog window which says "Could not create
hje> composer window."  I know this came up about a week ago on this list,
hje> and a solution was put out to remove the stale
hje> /usr/share/oaf/Bonobo*.oafinfo files, which I tried.  That didn't
hje> work.  So, I used rpm to remove ALL my Evolution-related software and
hje> reinstalled from scratch, with no improvements.

jp> Have you tried removing the temporary orbit files in /tmp?

No, I hadn't tried that.  I ended up trying "oaf-slay", which seems to
have done the trick.  What effect would removing the temporary orbit
files have?

Actually, I tried "oaf-slay --help", which didn't behave as expected
(emitting a usage message).  Generally, I feel Evolution that is an
excellent piece of software which is drastically underdocumented.  At
the very least, the RPMs should populate the
/usr/share/gnome/help/evolution directory.  I am coming to Evolution
as someone who fels that Emacs is the pinacle of email technology.
I've never once in my life run Outlook, so the interface that
Evolution presents is highly counterintuitive to me.


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