[Evolution] Re: [discuss] GROUPWARE - what is it, anyways?

On Thu, 8 Feb 2001, Sander Vesik wrote:

On Thu, 8 Feb 2001, Thomas Aeby wrote:

        * document management (in contrast to mere shared file access)
    * workflow management
    * knowledge databases
    * telephony integration

Less general applications:

    * call tracking


Maybe. Could you write up a spec by what each is and how it fits within
the framework? I'm just not sure I'm familiar with all the terms...

There's not enough time to write complete specs, but...

document management: stores arbitrary documents, indexes them in different
   ways (classification, full-text, etc.), archives, maybe converts them
   (so that a non-MS-Office user can view/print MS-Office files for instance),
   revision control

workflow management: example: an online order has to be filled in by a user,
   then it must go to a project leader for comments/signature, then must be
   signed by at least two department leaders, then go to the logistic departement,

knowledge database: ?????
   some means of modelling know-how - haven't yet seen a good solution for

telephony integration:
   1. => Unified Messaging: Access voice mailbox like you access your E-Mail
         mailbox, get announced, who called you when, etc.

   2. => complete control over telephony: configure call forwarding ("if I'm
         not at my desk forward any calls for me to my co-workers"), invoke
         calls by clicking on address book entries, call distribution ("forward
         incoming call to whoever seems to have time to answer")

call tracking:
   As Heinz-Josef Claes pointed out this is probably just a special case
   of workflow.

   (call tracking: example: Bugzilla, Remedy, Support Manager at Sourceforge,...)

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