Re: [Evolution] Re: [discuss] GROUPWARE - what is it, anyways?

On 08 Feb 2001 19:27:11 +0100, Thomas Aeby wrote:
On Thu, 8 Feb 2001, Sander Vesik wrote:

So, what is 'groupware'?
    * calendaring
    * email access
    ? newsgroup access
    * email alias/list management
    * shared file access (webdav?)
    * todo lists
    * project/progress tracking
    * address book(s)

        * document management (in contrast to mere shared file access)
      * workflow management
      * knowledge databases
      * telephony integration

Less general applications:

      * call tracking


I think, call tracking is a special case of workflow. There needs to be
a workflow component which is easy to configure / program.

Heinz-Josef Claes


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