[Evolution] RE: [Evolution-hackers] Congrats to Ximian/OO developers + more ammo!

I just read this thread on the Open Office Discuss list
discuss openoffice org   All of the comments have been CCed to
evolution ximian com, however, I haven't seen any of that thread.  It is
apparent that the authors of the thread were under the impression that
evolution ximian com was an alias for either evolution-hackers helixcode com
or evolution helixcode com 

Thus the majority of the target audience has almost certainly not received
the thread due to the incorrect addressing (or at least, the members of
evolution-hackers and evolution that are not subscribed to the Open Office
Discussion list or the evolution ximian list (does it even exist?)).

So... for the individual(s) whom have contributed to the Groupware threads
on OpenOffice Discuss summarize the proposition for the evolution helixcode


TomM pentstar com

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