[Evolution] Would Evolution support open groupware?

I just read this thread on the Open Office Discuss list
discuss openoffice org   All of the comments have been CCed to
evolution ximian com, however, I haven't seen any of that thread.  It is
apparent that the authors of the thread were under the impression that
evolution ximian com was an alias for either evolution-hackers helixcode com
or evolution helixcode com 

Thanks for the info Tom - looks like Ximian updated their web page
(http://www.gnome.org/resources/mailing-lists.html) but not their list

I'll try to summarize: 

Several members of the Open Office discussion list and a couple on the
Evolution list have been discussing an open source groupware project.
The "fantasy" version of how this might happen is archived in this


In the OpenOffice archives, you can find related threads by searching
for "groupware" in this web page:


Major features:

-  offers services similar MS-Exchange, Lotus Notes, and Novell

-  allows independent, drop-in replacement of the client / client OS,
groupware package, and back end data store.

-  encourages developers to write clients for the system with a
comprehensive and flexible API


-  would Ximian co-sponsor such an effort?  Would they consider writing
to a back end like this?

-  ditto for Open Office?

-  anyone here interested in something like this?


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