[Evolution] Re: [discuss] Congrats to Ximian/OO developers + more ammo!

On 08 Feb 2001 18:19:20 -0700, Kevin Cullis wrote:
I'd just like to say thanks to all of the Evo and OO developers who are
now talking to each other and collaborating on integrating Evo, OO, and
whatever else can communicate with each app into something workable.

I think I should clarify that the discussion that's currently going on
is *not* between OO or Evo developers, though we'd love to get some
feedback or even a commitment of some kind from both groups.  

We are Evo and OO enthusiasts who would love to see these (and other)
client applications plug into a standard, open groupware server.  As you
(and another poster) noted in your comments, I believe an open groupware
standard (OGS) would be very welcome by business-owners, administrators,
and end-users alike.  This is something that Microsoft and Lotus and
Novell would be loathe to do.  Each tries to make it easy to get into
their product, but they make it hard to get out.   In my opinion, a
workable OGS with multiple client and database support could be an open
source "killer app".

Unfortunately, as far as we know, no such beast exists.  The discussion
is about providing one.  I'm sure that soon we'll move this discussion
to a more appropriate forum, but I think your messages show that this
discussion is indeed relevant to OO and to Evo.  An OGS would be a real
force multiplier for both these products.

In the meantime, I'd encourage anyone with something to add to please
jump in.

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