[Evolution] HELP me rescue my Evolution installation

My Evolution installation is crippled to the point of being nearly
unusable - How can I *ensure* I have a good installation of Evo and all
its required supporting libraries?  

I've installed the latest snapshots using the auto-update utility.  Does
this utility recognize dependencies and potential conflicts?  Here is a
(partial) list of symptoms - 

- crash *every* time I send mail ("mail component crashed").  Mail gets
sent, but does not get stored in the "sent" folder.

- when composing, erratic tabbing between widgets; after several tabs,
editor pane disappears, along with anything I've typed in.

- when composing, placing the cursor in one field and typing causes the
text to appear in another field (e.g. in "To:" instead of body of
message, or vice versa).

- inbox perpetually indicates "(1)" unread message even though there are
no unread messages; even after deleting the entire contents of the
inbox, still the spurious indicator appears.

- when composing, saving draft closes the message - I don't know if this
is intended or not, but usually when you save a draft you want the
option to keep it open in case you want to continue editing it.

- when getting mail, I almost always get "connection refused" message
from my mail server.  This may be because I have five accounts on the
same server, but perhaps evo could include an option that limits maximum
simultaneous connections to one server, or a time interval to space
connection attempts (i.e. "wait three seconds between accounts").

If these are known issues, plesae let me know.  Otherwise, please tell
me how I can get a clean Evo install on my system!


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