[Evolution] Broken Tasks, Calendar, and Contacts. Introduction as well


   I have installed evolution off and on since 0.4.  In recent days I have
been using the rpm's that helixcode provides with there updater.  Since I
have been using the rpms I basically have a broken version of evolution. 
I just spent about 2-3 hour going over the archives. 

   I don't have very much time to spend on this so I am just getting
around to the fact every time I try a preview from helix it doesn't work.
I am up to 9.  I tried purging every existence of evolution and its
cohurts (how is that spelled?).

   I got further along than I every have.  I finally have an exec summary
and tasks.  Plus my compose window comes up.

   Calendar, Tasks and Contacts buttons don't work when I press them.
Plus the composer windows seems semi broken.  When I send it locks up.

  Can anyone help me?  I relize this is kinda a gimpy email, but I don't
even really know where to start.  I just remembering the pain off
installing everything from source.  Which might solve all my problems.

  Is this going get easier?  I don't fully understand OAF/bonobo/.. etc or
do I have enough hours in a day to spend on figuring it out.  I guess I
will try and follow the list for a while.

Introdtion.  I program perl, write larrd a rrdtool trending frontend
written for big brother and I have been using linux for 5/6? years.

Thanks for your help.

Christian Pearce

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