Re: [Evolution] order of compiling necessary files.

On 02 Feb 2001 21:01:08 +0530, L.V.Gandhi wrote:
I am repeating the msg. Sorry iam doing it as I didn't get any response.
I have not been sucessful in running evolution 0.8 previously. Hence I
reinstalled RH6.2. and started installing various packages necessary for
installing evolution.
First and foremost problem is to select which one to install first. I
think this needs to be addressed first. However by trial and error, I
started installing packages.
I installed first xml1.8.10, gnoem-print0.25, gdk pixbuf0.9, ORBit0.5.6,
oaf0.6.1, gnome-vfs0.3.1 and gconf0.8.
When i went for gal 4.1, it asked for libglade. I tried to install
libglade 0.13. It asked for bonobo. I installed bonobo0.30. When I
cameback to libglade I got stuckup with the following msgs.
glade-bonobo.c: In function `gnome_control_new':
glade-bonobo.c:52: `BonoboPropertyBagClient' undeclared (first use in this

Its not necessary to have the bonobo version of libglade.  There is a
configure option to disable it.  There have also been a couple of bonobo
releases since 0.30.  Honestly, some of these lower level dependencies
(libxml, orbit and oaf for example) might be better handled by
installing packages for your distro if possible.


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