Re: [Evolution] HELP me rescue my Evolution installation

- crash *every* time I send mail ("mail component crashed").  Mail gets
sent, but does not get stored in the "sent" folder.

I've been having this problem too.  Someone suggested I delete the sent
mail directory from the ~/evolution as that had solved the problem for
them, but it didn't work for me.  I converted my sent mail folder to
maildir (select the sent mail folder, then click folder > configure
folder and convert it to maildir) and this fixed the problem for me.
I'd recomment backing up your ~/evolution directory before any of this.

- when composing, erratic tabbing between widgets; after several tabs,
editor pane disappears, along with anything I've typed in.
- when composing, placing the cursor in one field and typing causes the
text to appear in another field (e.g. in "To:" instead of body of
message, or vice versa).

This is happening to me too and others have reported these problems.
Assuming the developers are eating their own dogfood, then you can be
pretty sure that they are aware of these problems.

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