Re: [Evolution] troubles with contacts (PS ximian linuxworld was great)

On 03 Feb 2001 01:57:51 -0500, Allan Gottlieb wrote:
I am having trouble with contacts imported from the palm address book.

I used the gpilot tools from gnomecc and obtained a file
~/MyPilot/Address.gcrd.  Here is the beginning of that file

Just to be clear here - you didn't use the evolution conduits but rather
the gnome-pim conduits to do this right?

Here is the strange part part.  I deleted the ~/evolution directory,
rpm -e everything but libunicode, and re-fetched the .8 preview.  When
I tried contacts I at first got an expected nearly blank window with a
msg about adding a contact but in under a second this was replaced by
all my contacts.  Where did evolution store this?  I even moved the
MyPilot folder to /tmp, no change.  I then went to the latest snapshot
evolution-0.8-100_helix_2001020301, again deleted ~/evolution and
again the contacts appeared after about a second

Evolution displayed a box saying it was the first time I ran it and it
was creating /home/gottlieb/evolution.


1.  Where is evolution keeping the contacts info even after
    ~/evolution is removed?  This is just a curiosity.

Cached in the wombat most likely.  Do a killev to make sure all of evo
is gone.

2.  How do I get the phone numbers to appear?

Did you use the command line importer or the gui one?

I attended linuxexpo and though the ximian jungle was well done,
the demos were helpful, and the staff very informative.
Good job!



JP Rosevear                             jpr ximian com
Ximian Inc.                   

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