Re: [Evolution] Things I'd like to see (and implement)

On 01 Feb 2001 11:40:57 -0800, Eric Newman wrote:
Andrew Cowie wrote:

I'm quite cool with expunging "once in a while" - that way I can let it
accumulate for a few days and then when I'm content that things have aged a
bit, bye-bye.

Which rasises a fourth possiblitiy for expunging (automatically, prompted or
otherwise): "Expunge items older than [drop down] days old".

i'm just thowing around ideas... maybe i'm on crack, but some of them
sound pretty cool to me. especially duplicating the folder hierarchy in
the trash folder. Because then you could get rid of messages x days old
on a per-folder basis. And I think the interface would be fairly

Netscapes mail client handles all this deleting stuff and expunging in
quite a nice way.

When you delete, the mail is moved to the trash folder (and I liked the
idea of having the mail appear in the appropriate sub folders.)

Then you can delete from the trash folder which means the message is
finally gone.  Except that it's still in the mbox file netscape uses.

Finally, expunging is handled in a very user friendly way by having the
option to 'clean up folders' which really means (AFAIK) expunge all the
totally delete mail from the various mboxes.

To the user, the message when first deleted goes to the trash, then
disappears when the trash is emptied.  And when you clean up the mail
folders it does something that improves performance (but the user really
doesn't know why).  But everything works like the user expects and the
word "expunge" is never used which is good because expunge isn't a word
normal people use or understand.

One change I would make is to "clean up folders" occassionally without
having the user initial the process.  This might thru a pop up box that
says do you want "clean up your mailboxes now.  Doing so will result in
a faster mail system"  (or something like that) with the option to have
this run automatically without requesting permission.  This would be
better than how Netscape handles it.


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