Re: [Evolution] Things I'd like to see (and implement)

Rodd Clarkson wrote:

But everything works like the user expects and the
word "expunge" is never used which is good because expunge isn't a word
normal people use or understand.

I second this :)  I've bitten my tongue so far to see if anybody else
was ever going to mention it, but I don't think "expunge" is the sort of
word you should be using in a user interface for the masses either.  I
don't know what the best alternative is; maybe cleaning up your mailbox,
or compacting it, or compressing it, or optimising it, or 
shredding/permanently deleting unwanted mails from it... but not
'expunging' things from it.

As a sort of aside, since they're supposed to play nicely together on
the GNOME desktop, Evo and Nautilus should ideally share the same
terminology and metaphor for deleting things and emptying trash, as far
as possible (although Nautlius doesn't require the additional 'expunge'
step)-- not that I'm saying Nautilus is perfect in that regard just now
either, but it would be good if they met in the middle.  (For example,
Nautilus only ever explicitly presents the option of "Moving files to
the Trash", not "deleting" them.)  Achieving this sort of consistent
user experience between the apps is what will eventually turn a nice
desktop environment into a killer one.


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