Re: [Evolution] Things I'd like to see (and implement)

Andrew Cowie wrote:

I'm quite cool with expunging "once in a while" - that way I can let it
accumulate for a few days and then when I'm content that things have aged a
bit, bye-bye.

Which rasises a fourth possiblitiy for expunging (automatically, prompted or
otherwise): "Expunge items older than [drop down] days old".

Well... if "deleting" really turns into "moving to the trash folder",
then you could set up a filter on the trash folder to delete messages
older than [dropdown] days old. If they also implement that kind of
filter, which I thought they were going to do. Then you could
automatically expunge folders, because you'd still have a copy of the
message in the trash folder.

Better yet would be to reproduce the entire folder structure in the
trash folder, and put deleted messages in their proper trash subfolder.
Then it would be easier to keep track of deleted messages. This could
even be implemented as automatic vfolders. Like you delete a mail, its
still in that folder, except hidden from view. There is a vfolder in the
trash pointing to that folder, containing all deleted messages.

i'm just thowing around ideas... maybe i'm on crack, but some of them
sound pretty cool to me. especially duplicating the folder hierarchy in
the trash folder. Because then you could get rid of messages x days old
on a per-folder basis. And I think the interface would be fairly


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