[Evolution] Things I'd like to see (and implement)

I really like Evolution 0.8.  Very nice, it has worked nicely for me (I'm
using Outlook 2000 right now, so don't shoot me).

Some things I'd like to see implemented (and may implement if I can figure
out how, as I'm not a programmer)

o When a message is deleted, expunge the folder
o When a message is moved from one folder to another, expunge the folder it
was moved from (instead of marking the message as deleted)
o Ability to have a 'From' and a 'Reply To' field which are different.  My
DSL provider requires that I have a '@gte.net' instead of my
'@oz.net' in the FROM field when sending mail through their server.  But I
want replies to go to my main (stable) mail account which is
the '@oz.net' account.
o Get rid of the dialog that shows up to tell me how many messages were
downloaded (maybe move this status to the status bar instead?)
o (bug) when a vCard file is sent to another user, it shows up as a file
with an ATT extension.  At least with Outlook, 
if you get a .VCF file, it will allow you to doubleclick on it and import it
into your contacts.  This would be a nice feature to have in Evolution as
I think (my opinion) is that the file that is sent should be 'last
name'.VCF, if possible.
o Ability to right click on a message in the list pane and 'add sender to
address book'
o Ability to turn the preview pane off
o Ability to have Evolution save the last position (screen orientation) it
had when it was last closed.

Please note - these are not complaints, and I realize that everyone wants
'their features' in the product.  

I'm going to work on some of these when I get Evolution compiling on my

Mike Strock
IS Manager
mikes webforia com 

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